Is It Possible for You to Rent the Apartment If You Are Involved in a Felony?

Apartment If You Are Involved in a Felony

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The property managers and landlords are permitted by the state and federal laws to refuse renting their properties to the people who have ever been found guilty in a crime case. Performing an advanced level research and digging deep into the policies of building and disclosing the background you have to your prospective property managers and landlords prior to submitting your application can really be a source of improving your chances to find a perfect apartment to live in.

There are no legal restrictions on property managers and the landlords when it comes to rejecting rental applications just because of the criminal background of the applicant. A good number of public agencies restrict the rentals to those having criminal records as well, however some of them will think about the application in case if a major period has passed after your conviction in that crime. These housing authorities are required by the federal law to reject any new applications from the individuals that have been put on the list of sex offenders for the lifetime and also from the applicants that had been convicted because of producing methamphetamine at a public property.

Many landlords who own apartments in mountain view school district run checks for the criminal background on their potential tenants and hence you should expect them to find out at least something relating to your criminal background. You should research the policies of property management companies online prior to applying for any specific apartment. In case if you are aware of the fact that they will ask you to consent on your background check then you should better disclose the conviction even before you apply. In case if you become ineligible for the lease because of the record you had, this will save you time as well as your application fee.

Discriminating against the people who have disabilities is against the federal laws of housing. You can get protection from the housing discrimination if the crime you had committed had something to do with any mental illness or substance abuse.

Laws in certain areas restrict the sex offenders that have been registered from getting an apartment to live in locations that are close to any place where lots of time is being spent by the children, like schools, parks and daycare centers. The property managers and landlords who belong to such neighborhoods can’t legally approve felons’ applications who are sex offenders as well.

You should take some steps for ensuring the you’re responsible enough and will not create any problems in the new rental unit that you will be given. Get some references from your previous employers, landlords, and respected members of the community. You can also ask landlords that whether they’ll consider the option of co-signer for the lease or not; this is something that offers extra financial security to the landlords.